Friday, 5 February 2010

For our American readers the JT problem explained!

I am assuming there are American readers of this priceless blog and so I will explain a bit about the John Terry (JT) scandal. You lot are used to your sporting heroes being overpaid and oversexed, which we share, although there is not the same problem over the use of weapons. Being captain of the England football team is still an honour here and team manager Fabio Capello had warned his players to behave up to the run-up to the World Cup in South Africa. Dipping your wick with your mate's ex-bird is not really a hanging offence but we got to put our best foot forward. So, Capello just took a 12 minute meeting to strip the captaincy off
On a personal note a few years ago I was behind the Chelsea goal at Stamford Bridge when JT gathered the ball, took a few paces and then delivered this amazing curved pass to the left wing. It was literally a thing of sublime beauty. And I am a ManU supporter!

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