Wednesday, 7 January 2009

My New Year resolutions for this blog in 2009.

Dear Readers, I have decided to have a few resolutions for this blog during 2009. One is to have less stories on football in general and on Manchester City in particular. I think the decision has already been made that a world class team will be assembled but without Mark Hughes. For all sorts of reasons it has not worked out.

The second resolution is not to go on too much about Gordon Brown, our flawed beloved leader, who is making us poorer. The engineered decline of the pound might help our diminished manufacturing sector and lift our trade figures by making imports more expensive. However, it will increase inflation and prevent UK citizens from trying to escape. I am not shedding a tear for the property market in the Spanish costas. For years we have had a strong pound policy with high interest rates and now we have a weak pound with zero interest rates. Thanks a lot Gordon.

The third resolution is to be more optimistic. 2009 will be tough but we will just have to get through it. Personally, I will try and fight the flab. I also want to score more goals playing six a side.

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