Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Halifax shares have another poor day.

The shares of British banking group Halifax have had another poor day and that is putting it politely. The stock market can be a pretty good indicator of future operational performance and it might be pretty ugly for the group, which was originally founded in the Old Cock Inn, Halifax, in 1853. The bank has stated that it has a strong capital base but its shares are closing down
18 pct to £1.90 (BBC Website).
I did have the shares ages ago and I had to sell at around £4 and was kicking myself as they soared up to the ten pound level. It is probably too risky to buy the shares at this level not that I am the world's top equity trader.
I wish I had the dosh to buy a few as a bet, nothing scientific mind you, but I think the most I can muster up at the moment is a paltry £400. You need over a thousand just to cope with the commission.
In the recent past I did sign up to a Halifax account but the problem was that they kept ringing up (okay twice) in the evening to try and sell me something. I also had a car insurance policy and the problem there was admin in India, where we both did not really understand each other.

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