Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Enough of the doom and gloom, let's praise the top corporates!!

My dear readers, I know that I moan on about the state of the British economy and the uselessness of UK Premier Gordon Brown. A slight diversion on the new powers being assumed by HMRC from April Fool's Day, aaggrrhh!! Why does the Revenue needs draconian search powers? I recommend retail investors (although I should not because the blog is not an advice page) to put as much moolah in tax-efficient schemes such as pensions, ISAs and even National Savings
(such as humble premium bonds, if there is deflation).

But today I am going to extol the virtues of Sky.Com. I like the easy-to-use satellite television service and its broadband internet service is quite robust. It always seems to work and does not have the connection problems of Virgin Media.

I read in last week's Sunday Telegraph a profile of the head of the Tesco
retail services group Andy Higginson but I am just amazed by tesco.com. I recently got some car insurance for an old banger, so that the nipper can do some driving practice and it came up with the Irish insurance company Quinn Direct. It also getting me interested in Tesco's offers and promotions.

Another top corporate is Manchester United. I recently went to see them play at home to Liverpool and whereas the match was more of a disaster than the sinking of the Titanic, I was seriously impressed by how well they organised the mass corporate hospitality. It was a shame that a lot of Man Utd fans did not stay to the end to support (in the real meaning of the word) their team through thick and thin. I expect some Man Utd fans are just satiated with success. I remember watching them in the season they went down and the fans still cheered although it was pretty dire stuff.

The final corporate in my list is JD Wetherspoon and I frequent their hostelries in Enfield and Potters Bar. I am very attracted by their promotions.

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