Thursday, 27 November 2008

Apparently Labour is closing the gap on the Tories.

Apparently, Labour is closing the gap on the Tories in opinion polls. Perhaps, we will be on for a general election in June 2009. Then, the Gordon Brown administration will retain an element of surprise rather than waiting for 2010. Last time when there were rumours of an early election, the British premier ignored the advice of his younger Cabinet members.
I suppose it will be fought on class lines by Labour on class grounds pointing to the
Old Etonians Cameron and Osborne conveniently ignoring the private/selective education of quite a few of their ministers. It is a shame that Ruth Kelly is departing the political scene. She has had more Labour government portfolios than hot dinners.
Labour will be campaigning on future tax increases following their (hopefully)
successful rescue of the economy. They will try and not mention spending cuts but will argue that Tory cuts will be more.
The Conservatives will at least have to mop the Lib Dem seats in the south such as Winchester but with a manifesto that will not frighten the children. Both these tasks will be difficult. One problem is the lack of support from certain sectors of the Tory party for Cameron and Osborne and this contrasts with the Labour Party looking more unified and getting behind Brown. Perhaps, the appointment of Lord Mandelson was a master stroke. Miliband has been sidelined into going to places like Syria and into criticising countries such as Russia and Israel.

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