Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Public Good v Private Good - David Miliband.

It is a public good that we have a fully operating British Foreign Office Minister.
The public pays for this. So when the Saudis roll up to town David Miliband
should be there to greet them. If not, why not and I agree with blogger Zim Flyer
on this. Mr Miliband gets a pretty hostile reception from the
bloggers for his paternity leave.

Miliband is adopting an American child through a process not open to British
subjects. His absence through paternity leave must seem a joke to his Saudi
counterparts. At least, Her Majesty The Queen is really rolling the red carpet to her Saudi guests,
who bought our military aircraft and kept a whole industry
going. It is not usually possible to withdraw an insult. When the previous Saudi
king died, former Prime Minister Tony Blair made damn sure he was at the funeral.

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