Monday, 30 November 2009

Alex Salmond launches White Paper for Scottish independence.

Just flicking on the BBC's News Channel, there was SNP leader Alex Salmond launching the White Paper for a referendum next year on Scottish independence. Salmond is an accomplished performer and politely did not draw attention to one benefit of independence, which would be not having to put up with Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling plying their trade in England. Salmond commented that the current arrangement was suitable for the 18th Century but not the 21st Century. It would be interesting if independence could resolve the problems of Scotland's fragile economy and its dependence on English subsidies. Salmond said that money wasted on a replacement for Trident could be spent on hospitals, education etc but he did not address the problem of public sector jobs being relocated to England even if they were nasty defence
The Scottish opposition parties are anti-independence while opinion polls also show a majority against. However, Salmond does have a vision and he has done exceptionally well to get to this position.

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