Thursday, 6 August 2009

So more quantitative easing but it is not the same as...

The Bank of England does not think we are out of the woods yet and it is doing some more quantitative easing. It is technically not the same as printing money but it could still debase the currency (Zimbabwe anybody!!). It is going to be painful when the central bank does attempt to raise interest rates. The Bank of England would not want to do this just before the coming general election. Governor Mervyn King must be hoping that his boss Gordon Brown goes for a poll in October. Waiting until May 2010 when the unemployment figures could be pretty bad does not seem the sensible option.

One of my favourite publicatons is Money Marketing especially the articles by Brian Tora. He considers that Ireland is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and 7,000 teachers will be sacked combined with the closure of many rural schools. Is this was to happen in the UK, the equivalent of 250,000 teachers would go. It is not going to take place but it is nice dreaming about it. In Great Britain we are churning out quite a few kids, who have not benefited from the education process at all, the so-called neets.

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