Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Apparently the U.S military are a bit chippy about British Army.

On the day when British Prime Minister Gordon Brown officially announced the timetable for our withdrawal from Iraq (conveniently a long way away from the UK unemployment figures), perhaps we can take stock of our six year military involvement in the country, which is the cradle of
civilisation. It started with all of the British ambassadors in the region trying to persuade Tony Blair don't do it. It ended with apparent criticism of our military contribution from our U.S allies. I know we are the victims of propaganda and spinning but the government can't hide the fact that Basra seems a bit of a disaster for the British Army.
I suppose the troops were let down by factors such as the lack of helicopters and defenceless transport. It was always an expedition where financial costs were paramount ie in keeping them down. The British government also failed in mobilising support from the public for the troops. It seemed to shy away from emphasising they were fighting for a worthwhile cause. I think the Great British Public are guilty of not supporting our troops.
I thought the UK military's top brass could have done more to have avoided having troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan. They were probably told that Iraq would be six months not six years but they could have done more to avoid being used for political ends.

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