Friday, 6 July 2007

Tax errors by the HMRC

In the UK, the National Audit Office has found that £157m was overpaid to the HMRC in tax
for the 2006/07 tax year. Apparently, pensioners are more likely to be affected by tax
mistakes. The HMRC also wants the power to dip into bank and building society accounts
to get unpaid tax rather than go through the bother of a legal process.
The tax system has become too complicated and this leads to the mistakes and to the lack of
trust on both sides. Apparently, the ancient Egyptians had a sophisticated tax revenue
system linked to the performance of the Nile. I am not suggesting that the UK one should
be linked to rivers, which would be in poor taste given the flood damage in England, but
there should be an easier way of paying tax. If you have trouble, go and see an accountant!!

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